Don’t become Couple #15

Some Vermont Wedding DJ companies focus on booking as many events per day as possible. This “Walmart” model requires these large companies to focus on volume, sometimes at a cost to quality and attention to details. Some companies can service as many as 15 weddings on any given Saturday in the Summer. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, but you do have to ask yourself one important question: Do you want to be “Couple #15” on your wedding day?

When you work with a large DJ company, you may need to take extra care to make sure that all of your critical details are completely understood by your actual DJ. Larger companies often have barriers between you and your DJ. They may insist that you will get better service by speaking to your DJ through their booking agent or office manager. Remember, the office manager is not going to be there on your wedding day. Chances are pretty good that Saturdays are his day off. Always insist on speaking with your actual DJ whenever possible.

I have found that I learn a lot about my customers by talking with them several times before their wedding day. When I show up on the big day, I don’t feel like I’m meeting a stranger for the first time. I feel like I have been a part of the excitement they have experienced throughout their wedding planning process. This gives me a personal connection and familiarity with the couple that I wouldn’t have had were it not for all of our conversations. Some things cannot be communicated with a simple worksheet handed to your DJ by a booking agent.

A good DJ company will have excellent equipment and a reliable reputation, but 90% of your experience with that company will fall on the shoulders of your actual DJ. If you don’t have a DJ that matches the style and personality you want, it won’t matter how great the DJ company and their management staff are. If you cannot have reasonable access to your actual DJ, move on to another company. When you are shopping for a DJ, insist on talking with your DJ (not a video of the guy…I mean the real, live, actual human who will be working for you). I think these are reasonable expectations for a service that will probably cost you around $1,300 for the day.

Larger DJ companies are under tremendous pressure to sell, sell, sell and book all their dates. The wedding season in Vermont lasts about 22 weeks. In order to fill 15 slots per Saturday, large companies need to convince 330 couples to hire them. That’s a lot of pressure to exaggerate their capability or over-promise their services. Contrast that with my schedule.  last year, I worked with 21 couples. They were all great people and I can name every one of them! You won’t get that with a large company. I don’t need to pressure anyone to hire me. If you call me and I don’t seem like a good match, I’ll wish you the best of luck and recommend a few other companies you can call.

I’m not trying to bash the larger companies here. Obviously, they only got big by doing good work. Bad DJ companies don’t last long in Vermont, because reputations spread fast in a small state. Still, it’s always a good idea to ask the person on the other side of the phone the following questions: Are you my DJ? Can I call my DJ directly to talk details or will I mostly be speaking with a booking agent or office manager? Can I call my DJ during the day or the evening? How many weddings do you think you will be doing on my wedding day?

If you can get satisfactory answers to all of these questions and you are comfortable with the experience and personality of your actual DJ, I would say “go for it.” You have probably found the right company. If not, there are many other excellent DJ choices in Vermont.