$1,400 for the first five hours (see below for possible discounts)
$100 for each additional hour

Parties and Corporate Events:
Prices range between $400-$800
depending on the complexity of the event and time of year.

Schools and Non-Profit Organizations:
Prices range between $150-$450
depending on the complexity of the event and time of year.

We rarely charge extra fees.
Setup/Breakdown Fees: $0
Travel Fees inside Vermont: $0
Additional DJ setup location (ceremony or cocktails): $0
Basic dance light package: $0
Premium lighting, effects and projection: $100-$300
We are not required to charge taxes for our services

We can significantly discount our prices for events on Sundays through Thursdays. Discounts average 40%.
Please ask about discounts for military personnel (typically 15% for parties and $100 for weddings)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I give you guidance on the type of music I want played at my event?
Of course you can. You can have as much or as little involvement in music selection as you want.

If I need to purchase overtime hours, do I need to purchase an entire hour?
Not at all. We are happy to charge in 15-minute increments. We are always happy to play a few extra songs for free to help the night end with class (as long as the venue doesn’t shut us down).

Do you drink alcohol or take smoke breaks during my event?
No way. Never. We are professionals and we are at your event to work.

Can my guests make music requests?
Yes. That’s one of the best ways to keep everyone engaged. Don’t worry though. If a guest makes a request that is inappropriate or outside your directions, we will politely decline the request and suggest some other song.

Will you purchase music if I need a song that isn’t in your library?
Yes. We have a very large music collection, but we are always happy to add your requests if they aren’t in our library.

Do you tell jokes or talk on the microphone between every song?
We use the microphone sparingly; only when we have something meaningful to contribute to your event. We don’t see ourselves as DJ personalities. We want people to remember the great music, not the cheesy antics.

Do you ever take events outside Vermont?
Our primary focus is to be the best wedding DJ in Vermont. We don’t market ourselves outside Vermont, but we are available to travel throughout the northeast (including Canada) when asked. A reasonable travel fee will be discussed when we cover your details.

What kind of equipment do you use?
We invest heavily in high-end professional audio equipment. Please check out our equipment page for more information.

Can you bring silly props, perform skits, drag people onto the dance floor and tell jokes during our event? Do you have cool DJ names?
No. We aren’t that kind of DJ company.

Can I come to one of your events to see you in action?
This is a really great question with a complicated answer. Many websites say that the best way to pick a DJ is to see them working at an actual event. The problem is, it would be completely inapropriate for us to invite you to another person’s private event. We perform at public events from time-to-time, but most of our business is for private functions. Even if you were able to watch us perform, you would only be seeing a small snapshot of our abilities. For example, you might hate country music, but some of our clients love it. If you came to one of these events, you might decide we aren’t a good match because we played too much country music. The best way to get to know your potential DJ is to meet in person or use a video conferencing service like Skype or Facetime. Ask your DJ questions about his/her approach to DJ work and how their personality will contribute to your event. Also, ask for previous clients you can contact for references.